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Benedict Solis
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Current Residence: Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
Favorite kind/style of art: traditional drawing,vector,photography
Favorite Genre of music: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, RnB, Hip Hop, Metal
Favorite Cartoon Character: Marvel characters, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Transformers, Anime characters.
Personal Quote: "Life is simple,People are complicated."
Photography Blog:


Kidlat by lifeisabench
Real Name: Light Davis
Age: 15
Bio: A big fan of "The Flash", Light is a 15 year old kid from the 40th century. Visiting the Flash Museum, he was fascinated by the Artificial Speedforce Generator (ASG). As with all teens, Light's curiosity got the best of him. The generator began malfunctioning and he was too near the machine. The ASG then absorbs Light and he was never seen again. Light wakes up in the Philippines, year 2015 with the ability that his idol has - superhuman speed. He decides to do good with his new found powers just like the famous Flash did while he tried to find a way to go back to his timeline. The Filipinos got used to calling him "Kidlat".

Abilities: Superspeed, knowledge of the speedforce and how to use his powers better because of studying how The Flash developed new ways to use it
Weakness: still a kid and cannot utilize the speedforce to it's full potential
Trivia: "Kidlat" is the filipino term for lightning, he is called as such because he is also a kid.

Alignment: Good

NOTE: really really wanted to add a speedster to my OCs but can't think of a good backstory, so i just kind of mixed Spiderman's snooping with Impulse's time travel.
Bathala by lifeisabench
Real Name: Isaac Guitierrez
Age: 26
Bio: Young archeologist, Isaac Gutierrez has been trying to contribute something in history for a couple of months now and he's began to doubt his success in his line of work. While he was in the Batanes Castle searching for possibly new discoveries and artifacts, the ground collapses under him and he falls down into an ancient tomb that still looks undiscovered by previous archeologists. Here he discovers an ancient golden rod placed on a stone pedestal with the name "Kidlat ni Bathala". The rod began glowing and Isaac was slowly attracted to it, he then carefully picks it up and reads a short inscription on the rod - he whisphers, "Bathala". And a ray of lightning struck him from the heavens, turning him into, what is basically, a god. He discovers a number of abilities possibly given to him by the ancient gods and decides to use it to help others and "contribute something to history".

Abilities: Flight, invulnerable, able to generate and control lightning, super-strength
Weaknesses: if he cannot talk and chant the word "Bathala", he can't summon his powers.
Trivia: The "Kidlat ni Bathala" disappears as Isaac summons his powers for the first time, further research inside the tomb reveals that he may not be the first ever person gifted with these abilities. Every other person ever gifted with said abilities were absorbed by the rod after death, including Bathala himself.

Alignment: Good

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