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Benedict Solis
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Current Residence: Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
Favorite kind/style of art: traditional drawing,vector,photography
Favorite Genre of music: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, RnB, Hip Hop, Metal
Favorite Cartoon Character: Marvel characters, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Transformers, Anime characters.
Personal Quote: "Life is simple,People are complicated."
Photography Blog:


Balbaro and Itim by lifeisabench
Balbaro and Itim

Age: 100
Bio: Balbaro is an aswang lord breathing among the living for at least 100 years, planning to take over the paranormal/supernatural plane and destroy anything that gets in his way. 3 years ago, a White Dwarf tried to stop him but had no chance against his power, Balbaro left the dwarf to die in front of a girl’s house - who is then revealed as Anna.

Weapons: Dark Magic
Companions: Itim the Black Dwarf
Abilities: unlike other normal aswangs, Balbaro has 10 times the amount of strength and speed, he can also transform into any creature he can think of
Weakness: he only lurks the night, for an unknown reason he is not able to show up under the light of the sun

Alignment: Evil
Anna Castillo by lifeisabench
Anna Castillo
Anna Castillo

Real Name: Anna Carmela Castillo
Age: 21
Bio: Anna is your typical girl from the province of Capiz, or so it seems. She is actually an “Aswang Hunter” and psychic. This all started when she was still a little girl. Anna loved to play by herself in their backyard, there she met a White Dwarf who immediately became her friend. This experience opened Anna’s spirit to everything else that might exist on the supernatural plane. One evening, Anna woke up to a loud thump outside her bedroom window. There he found her little white friend and another Black Dwarf running towards a man cloaked in black with glowing red eyes. She quickly aided to her friend while the cloaked man walked away and vanished into the shadows. The White Dwarf’s only last words were “Balbaro”. From then on, Anna had searched for Balbaro all over the archipelago but had no success. One night, when she got home late, Balbaro appeared on her front door. Anna quickly filled up with rage and rushed towards him only to be knocked unconscious. Next day, Anna went to her white friend’s grave. While looking at the grave, she had a vision, knowledge of different supernatural beings flashed before her eyes, everything there was to know about the “other” world were immediately within her grasp. Anna later on became what she is now and still has unsettled business with Balbaro.

Weapons: Holy Kris, Holy Water, sea salt, custom sawn-off shotgun with shells (containing sea salt, silver pebbles, bronze pieces and Holy Water), Lana bottle, a manta ray whip
Abilities: Aswang expert, Ghost/Paranormal expert, psychic, knows basic martial arts like Arnis and Yaw-Yan, agile and flexible
Weakness: beginner, been training and doing the job for only 3 years
Trivia: Despite her reputation as an expert aswang hunter, Anna also knows how to fend off ghosts and exorcise people and places.

Alignment: Good
Santelmo by lifeisabench

Real Name: Samuel (?) - last name unknown
Age: ?
Bio: Samuel is living his life in a small shack in the vast woods of Sierra Madre. He hunts his own food, and shows symptoms of being sadistic, brutally killing/torturing his “prey” before proceeding to cook it. While hunting in the woods on what would be a full moon, he encounters what seemed to be a floating ball of white flame as large as a melon. He decides to shoot it with his rifle, the bullet passed right through; and with the blink of an eye, the flight path of the bullet ignites and sets him ablaze. White flame engulfed Samuel’s body and his cry echoed through the forrest. He wakes up the next day thinking everything was a dream, but is surprised to see almost half of the forrest burnt down. He looks at his body and there were no scars or burns but instead his hands and feet are still on fire. There’s just one more thing he could not believe, it didn’t hurt. Samuel sets off for Manila and goes on to hunt a new kind of “prey” for fun - humans.

Abilities: can generate white/blue fire - the hottest temperature a flame can reach
Weakness: just like any flame, can be extinguished by depriving him of oxygen

Alignment: Evil
Magna Ferro by lifeisabench
Magna Ferro

Real Name: Professor Santiago Sebastian
Age: 37
Bio: Scientist Santiago Sebastian, has been studying metal and magnetism for 10 years now. He studies ferrofluids and it’s reaction and/or possible uses in the not so distant future. One late night he tries to take his experiment to a whole new level, formulating a dose of non-toxic ferrofluid that would supposedly work as a blood-cleansing agent. He injects himself with it and seconds later, rushed to the hospital, with ferrofluid flowing out of his eyes, nose and mouth. The hospital gives him a CAT-scan in an attempt to figure out what was happening to his body, unfortunately, the radiation from the procedure triggered something in the ferrofluid in his veins. Instead of being a small dose, the fluid multiplies and mixes with his blood, resulting in ferrofluid flowing through his whole body. This accident drove him mad, blaming the hospital for not curing him. He develops an electromagnetic core connected to his veins, which when turned on, make the ferrofluid spike out of his pores.
Prof. Sebastian then starts targeting hospitals and doctors, and later decides he could do something much more with his “gift”.

Weapons: Ferrofluid in his veins
Abilities: can generate “ferrofluid spikes” from his skin by turning on the electromagnet on his chest.
Weakness: the electromagnet on his chest.
Trivia: Somehow, aside from ferrofluid pumping through his veins, it had no dangerous effects on his health. The concoction actually worked.

Alignment: Evil
Ministro Mariscal by lifeisabench
Ministro Mariscal
Ministro Mariscal

Real Name: General Benjamin Morales
Age: 33
Bio: Gen. Morales is the top ranking officer of the Philippine Military Force before “Supremo” stole his spotlight. Andrew technically didn’t become a high-ranking officer BUT he took the “perfect soldier” reputation from Gen. Morales. Realizing this, Benjamin soon quit the force and vowed to take back what is “rightfully” his from “Supremo” - being the perfect soldier. He soon started his own force, a force that will later on be a “perfect” army to take over the Philippines.

Weapons: guns and military-grade equipment
Abilities: the perfect match against Supremo if not for their 1% difference in efficiency - in which Supremo is better, Expert in “Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
Weakness: that 1% difference in him and Supremo’s skill, specifically, he lacks the initiative to improve (believes he is already the perfect soldier - overconfidence)

Alignment: Evil

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