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Benedict Solis
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Current Residence: Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
Favorite kind/style of art: traditional drawing,vector,photography
Favorite Genre of music: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, RnB, Hip Hop, Metal
Favorite Cartoon Character: Marvel characters, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Transformers, Anime characters.
Personal Quote: "Life is simple,People are complicated."
Photography Blog:


Supremo by lifeisabench


Real Name: Andrew Bonifacio
Age: 30
Bio: Andrew is a product of an experiment conducted by the Philippine Government Secret Service (PGSS). Since the rediscovery of Captain America, the PGSS has been trying to replicate the Super-Soldier serum but have failed consistently. Thus, they came up with a contingency, to clone the remains of the “Supremo of the Katipunan” - Andres Bonifacio. Andrew is then growth-accelerated to 7 years old and is enlisted to Army Training immediately. At age 20, he had finished Army, Navy and Air Force training. He has then been trained by the PGSS to his peak condition and now serves as an asset to Philippine Security. The Philippine National Soldier.

Weapons: Bulletproof shield (unlike Captain America, he does NOT throw his shield and it is NOT made of Vibranium), a custom 9mm pistol provided by PGSS, the original bolo of Andres Bonifacio.
Abilities: Army, Navy and Air Force expert, High intellect (top of his class), expert strategist, trained to peak human condition.
Trivia: He excels in Philippine History especially the KKK era, it is believed he had retained some of the original Supremo’s memories.
Weakness: Non-Metahuman.

Blackbird by lifeisabench

Bryan Smith, growing up in Manila, has always been the target of varieties of murderers,drunkards,etc. Almost every night, he’ll be suddenly attacked by strangers for no apparent reason (he’s got just the toughest of lucks). One night,he sees this mugger with a knife asking a woman to hand over her valuables,before the woman could give the robber anything,the guy just stabs her right in the mouth.Apparently the guy was high on drugs.Ever since that dark night,Bryan had vowed to serve and protect the city of Manila - training in multiple martial arts and self defense,stealth and an expert with his personalized collapsible baton. BlackBird is born.

Weapons: Collapsible baton, Smoke pellets, EMP grenades
Abilities: Martial arts expert, stealth and espionage, parkour, expert strategist

Weakness: Non-metahuman, body parts without kevlar are vulnerable.
Hantik by lifeisabench

during childhood,young Quentin Jacinto loved to play by the trees in their province.little did they know that a company has been illegally dumping chemicals into the afternoon while playing outside,Quentin was bitten by a bright red and black weaver ant.the wound healed in minutes so he did not make a big deal out of it.Upon reaching puberty,Quentin discovers his unique abilities.Ever since he has been evolving while he got that he’s 18,he can lift things a 100x his own weight and can crawl up walls and ceilings.his full potential is yet to be seen.

Abilities: Wall-crawling,Super strength
Weakness: can respond to a distress call only as fast as human could (no special mode of transportation) - for now.
Trivia: the term Hantik is the filipino-translation of “weaver ant”.
Acid by lifeisabench


He started as a comic-book nerd and later became obsessed with the idea of becoming a superhero himself. After a number of failed attempts he figured that to become a superhero he must have something to fight for,to avenge,thus he eventually lost his mind and shot both his parents with his father’s hunting rifle. Now that he had something to avenge, “BlackBird” started patrolling the streets at the around the same time. He (after being obsessed and turning psycho) eventually did not even remember he was his own parents’ murderer, he becomes a makeshift violent hero and calls himself “Acid” and treats “BlackBird” and everybody else who follow the law as a villain (and everyone violating the law as allies/heroes).

Weapons: Guns and Acid Bombs
Violence, Psychotic Strategist (even being able to infiltrate/escape police stations and penitentiaries,etc).
Weakness: very poor hand-to-hand combatant


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